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10 Things To Know - DRC
2006 Comprehensive Plan - Appendix A
2006 Comprehensive Plan - Appendix B
2006 Comprehensive Plan - Chapter 1
2006 Comprehensive Plan - Chapter 10
2006 Comprehensive Plan - Chapter 2
2006 Comprehensive Plan - Chapter 3
2006 Comprehensive Plan - Chapter 4
2006 Comprehensive Plan - Chapter 5
2006 Comprehensive Plan - Chapter 6
2006 Comprehensive Plan - Chapter 7
2006 Comprehensive Plan - Chapter 8
2006 Comprehensive Plan - Chapter 9
2007 Downtown Plan Chapter 1
2007 Downtown Plan Chapter 2
2007 Downtown Plan Chapter 3
2007 Downtown Plan Chapter 4
2007 Downtown Plan Chapter 5
2007 Downtown Plan Chapter 6
22nd St Buyout Asbestos Abatement RFQ
22nd St. Buyout Asb. Abatement Bid Tab
22nd St. Buyout Asb. Abatement RFQ
22nd St. SE Buyout Demolition RFQ
22nd St. SE Buyout Temp Services Bid Tab
311 22nd Asb Abatement Bid Tab
317 22nd Asb Abatement Bid Tab
321 22nd Asb Abatement Bid Tab
403 22nd St SE Demo Bid Tab
409 22nd Asb Abatement Bid Tab
ACM report 655 7th NE
Administrative Plan for BO-1
Administrative Plan for BO-2
Administrative Plan for BO-3
Administrative Plan for BO-4
Adult Use map
Appendix A to Comp Plan
Application for Appeal of Administrative Officers Decision
Application for Boundary Line Adjustment
Application for Conditional Use Permit
Application for Final Plat
Application for Lot Split
Application for P1 Site Plan Approval
Application for Plat Concept Plan - Cover Sheet
Application for Preliminary Plat
Application for Rezoning
Application for Text Amendment
Application for Vacation Conveyance
Application for Variance
Application for Waiver for Special Conditions
Asbestos Abatement Round 2 Bid Results
Bid Results-Asbestos Abatement Services, Round 1
Bid tab demo 311 22nd St SE
Bid tab demo 317 22nd St SE
Bid tab demo 321 22nd St SE
Bid tab demo 409 22nd St SE
Bid Tabulation, Contract A, 403/404 Demolitions-Round 1
Bid Tabulation, Contract B, HMGP Buyout #3 funded-Round 1
Bid Tabulation, Contract C, 403/404 Demolition-Round 1
Buyout Re-use - 10th and 11th NE
Buyout Re-use - 26th St SW
Buyout Re-use - Birch Drive
Buyout Re-use - Downtown
Buyout Re-use - Elm Drive
Buyout Re-use - Meadowbrook Drive
Buyout Re-use - Norris Youth Softball Complex Area
Buyout Re-use - Oak Park & Maryland
Buyout Re-use - S. Adams
Buyout Re-use - West Park Neighborhood
CDBG Addendum 1
Chapter 3 Maps - 2006 Comprehensive Plan
Chapter 4 Maps - 2006 Comprehensive Plan
Chapter 5 Maps - 2006 Comprehensive Plan
Chapter 8 Maps - 2006 Comprehensive Plan
Chapter 9 Maps - 2006 Comprehensive Plan
CoRL application
CoRL Detailed Program Outline
Development Review Brochure
Development Review Packet
Development Review Process - Step by Step
East Park Historic District Nomination
Forest Park Historic District Nomination
Form B for 2014-D-4
Form C RFB 2014-D-04
Hazard Mitigation Plan
Historical Properties Survey for 2008 flood properties
Historical Properties Survey Photos1
Historical Properties Survey Photos2
Historical Properties Survey Photos3
Historical Properties Survey Photos4
House Moving presentation 4-24-2014
M.C. 2011 Residential Urban Revitalization Plan
Major Site Plan Application
Major Site Plan Checklist
Map A.1 - S. Federal Ave. Corridor Study
Map A.2 - S. Federal Ave. Corridor Study
Master Trails Plan
Meadowbrook - Deed 1206 Meadowbrook Drive
Meadowbrook - Public Input Toolkit
Meadowbrook - Public Participation
Meadowbrook 1935 Aerial
Meadowbrook 1950s Aerial
Meadowbrook 1960s Aerial
Meadowbrook 1970s Aerial
Meadowbrook 1980s Aerial
Meadowbrook 1990s Aerial
Meadowbrook 2002 Aerial
Meadowbrook 2006 Aerial
Meadowbrook 2009 Aerial
Meadowbrook and Lester Milligan Park
Meadowbrook Deed - 1200 Meadowbrook Dr.
Meadowbrook Neighborhood
Meadowbrook Project Area 2015
Minor Site Plan Application
Mothballing-addendum #1
Moving Houses to Save History
Panel 142
Panel 144
Panel 161
Panel 162
Panel 163
Panel 164
Panel 166
Panel 167
Panel 168
Panel 169
Panel 188
Panel 251
Panel 252
Panel index
Parker's Wood Park Historic District nomination
Preliminary Flood Insurance Study
Property List
RFB 2014-D-04
Salvage Lists 403-404 HMGP Demolition-Round 1
Site Inventory Egloff
Site Plan Approval Application
Streetscape Update 4/15/11
Streetscape Update 4/29/11
Streetscape Update 4/8/11
Streetscape Update 5/6/11
Streetscape Update 8/19/11
Structural Relocation Feasibility Study Request for Qualifications
Structure Moving Guide
Subdivision Ordinance - Title 11, Amended June 2, 2015
Urban Revitalization Brochure
Urban Revitalization Districts
Urban Revitalization Plan 2013 Combined, Amended & Restated
Urban Revitalization Tax Exemption Application
Willow Creek Master Plan
Zoning Map - Updated 9-6-2016
Zoning Ordinance 16-T-02 Amended 10-4-2016
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