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As preparations continue for the relocation of the Egloff House and three other historic homes in the East Park Place neighborhood, two streets have been closed. 7th St. NE has been closed between N. Carolina Avenue and N. Hampshire Avenue; N. Carolina Place has also been closed between 7th St. NE and 8th St. NE. We ask that you respect the “Road Closed” signs and not enter the work area, either on foot or in a vehicle.
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The Mason City Police and Fire Departments responded to a fire December 11, 2014 at 418 9th St NE. The fire was extinguished by Fire Department personnel.
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The City Council approved this plan at its February 18, 2014 Council meeting.
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Volunteer Service Department Recognition Luncheon recognizes the Jason and Holly Ott Family, Ozzie Ohl, and Harold Gaiser.
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Trees will be trimmed for clearance purposes and also for deadwood.
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City staff submitted its findings and included them in the report for a Multi-Purpose Center.
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