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Iowa has a goal to become the healthiest state in the nation by 2016. Reaching this objective means more than just eating right and moving more. True well-being includes all aspects of our lives, from community to social networks, habitat to inner self. By optimizing the environments where we spend our time, we can make the healthy choice the easy choice.

The Blue Zones Project® is a cornerstone of how we will reach Iowa’s goal. A community-driven well-being improvement initiative, this effort will help communities across the state make permanent changes to environment, policy and social networks that will reap powerful benefits, including longer, healthier, and more productive lives for citizens.

Four communities, including Mason City, have already been identified as demonstration sites for the Project. Blue Zones Project® experts will work with us to improve well-being where our residents live, work and play, and support us as we work to achieve Blue Zones Community® certification. This community transformation takes place on multiple levels, from policy and building design to social networks and the built environment. We know that a community designed for well-being makes the healthy choice easier, which leads to long term sustainability.

Making Iowa a healthier state will benefit every citizen by making Iowa's economy stronger and our quality of life better and the same holds true for Mason City. Thanks to the vision and leadership of our governing men and women and key leaders in our community we aggressively sought and were selected as one of the first four demonstrations sites.

During the next several months, members of the Mason City Blue Zones Project® Power 9® Board will be working to develop a blueprint after having feedback from citizens in focus areas including: individual engagement, organization engagement including employers, grocery stores and restaurants, and city and school policy. The blueprint will set our path for developing initiatives that will help us encourage making healthy choices the easy choice using use resources provided to us by Healthways, Inc. and Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield. In late 2012 or early 2013 you will begin to see our Leadership Team and committees with many volunteers along with Blue Zones Project® staff more visible in the community.

We are counting on each and every one of you to be a part of that process. We encourage you to call our Blue Zones Project® office at City Hall to learn how you can be a part of this wonderful opportunity by pledging your support or volunteering. You can contact them at (641) 424-7181 or via e-mail at Discover Blue Zones Story



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