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Be a Good Neighbor
Being a responsible dog owner and good neighbor go hand in hand. The dog that gives you companionship and protection can also create a disturbance for your neighbors. There are many ways to prevent problems and find cooperative solutions if problems develop.

This guide will help you to control your pet and maintain a peaceful neighborhood.

Be a Good Neighbor
Introduce yourself and your dog to your immediate neighbors. Invite them to contact you if they are concerned about your dog’s behavior. Assure them you will work with them to solve any problems that arise.

Be Considerate
Consider how your dog’s behavior may be impacting those who live nearby. For example, the bark that gives you comfort, may wake a sleeping child or night shift worker during an afternoon nap or intimidate a backyard gardener.

When left unsupervised, your dog may wander beyond your yard and create problems, or bark for long periods of time.

Be Responsible
Dog owners are responsible for the behavior of their pet. Voluntary compliance with City codes and ordinances will allow everyone to enjoy a peaceful community. Dogs should not:
  • Damage property
  • Bother pedestrians
  • Run at large by being off the premises of the owner, unrestrained by a leash, or out of the immediate control of the owner.
  • Be allowed to create unsanitary conditions by leaving excrement in a private or a public area.
  • Display dangerous or vicious behavior.
  • Disturb the peace, comfort, or health of any person of reasonable sensitivity by making loud, long, unnecessary and continuous noises.
Be Open
Ask your neighbors if they have been disturbed by your pet and take action to remedy any problems. Share information about your view of the problem, listen and understand the other person’s perspective.
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