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Park Watch Program
Volunteer Park Watch is a program designed to help prevent crime and vandalism to our playground and park equipment, to alleviate suspicious activities in our parks and to promote citizen involvement. The Volunteer Park Watch Program volunteers (Parks Ambassadors) are encouraged to watch for all incidents of vandalism, unruliness and other obvious wrongful activities, including:
  • Defacement of park equipment, shelters and restrooms   Volunteer Park Watch Logo
  • Misuse of playground equipment                                                               
  • Fighting or harassment
  • Destruction of natural resources                                                               
  • Loose domestic animals in the park
  • Littering or garbage dumping
  • Violation of park closing hours
History of the Park Watch Program
The Park Watch program began as a result of citizen input and support from the City Council. Contributions for design and development came form the Mason City Police Department, Parks and Recreation Department, and City Volunteer Program. With enthusiastic response from citizen volunteers, the first Park Watch tour was conducted on July 21, 2006.

“I took interest in Park Watch to perform a civic duty, to care for our parks and respect the hours of work others have dedicated to making them a great place for our families and to be a deterrent to would-be vandals, preventing some of our youngsters from making bad choices by limiting their opportunities.”
Laura B.
Park Watch Volunteer

Become a Parks Ambassador:  Volunteer Position Description
Volunteer Involvement
In order for this program to be most effective, it must rely on citizen participation and support.  While we do our best to keep a close watch on activities taking place in our parks, we are asking citizens to…help us watch!

Volunteer Requirements
Volunteers must:
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have transportation
  • Agree to a background check
  • Complete training provided by local law enforcement personnel
  • Park Watch volunteers remain anonymous to the media & general public.
Volunteer Duties
Volunteers travel in pairs touring city parks on a rotating schedule.  Responsibilities include being an extra set of eyes and ears as they look for crime and disorder and communicate concerns to local law enforcement.

How Park Watch helps Mason City citizens and visitors:
  • Prevents incidents of vandalism, crime and misuse of park properties
  • Assigns volunteers to conduct tours throughout our city parks
  • Reduces repair and restoration costs for equipment and facilities.
  • Keeps our parks safer
  • Watches out for potential misuse of park property
  • Arouses awareness to activities taking place in our parks
  • Teaches that our parks belong to all of us
  • Creates community pride as everyone works together to ensures safe, clean and enjoyable parks.
  • Helps law enforcement efforts
Park Watch Training
Volunteers must complete training provided by the Mason City Police Department. Training topics include:
  • What to look for during your watch
  • Effective communication with the Dispatch Center
  • Difference between emergency and non-emergency situations
  • Safety precautions
To learn more about becoming a Park Watch volunteer, contact the Volunteer Services Coordinator at 421-3372 or or complete the on line Volunteer Interest Form
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