Community Partnerships and Resources

Communtiy page photoCommunity Partnerships and Resources

Community partnerships are a priority for the Mason City Police Department. Partnerships with the community are integral to the service provided by the Mason City Police Department. The Department relies on formal relationships with the community as well as informal relationships in fulfilling its mission. We value our community’s diversity and seek to work together in preventing crime, improving the quality of life for everyone, and making our community safer. Community partnerships keep communication open with those we server allowing us to do our best to provide professional service to our community.


Community Policing Advisory Board National Night Out

The Community Policing Advisory Board (CPAB) was formed in 1997 and is a nonprofit organization consisting of volunteer members.  CPAB was instrumental in starting the local National Night out event in 1998 and is the primary organizer and fundraiser. National Night Out is co-sponsored with the Mason City Police Department in August of every year. The Board encourages citizen’s participation in our annual events such as National Night Out, Women’s Self-Defense, and other various programs.

                                      Community Policing Advisory Board Members:
                                            Jeremy Monaghan, Chairman
                                            Jo Larsen-Richards, Secretary
                                            Mary Hippen, Treasurer
                                            Dee Nelson
                                            Sandy Redeker

School Resource Officer
SRO photo

SRO interacts with students, faculty and administrators in the schools. This effort was originally created to teach topics related to police department and safety issues, but has expanded to serve as a liaison and resource for Mason City police officers who are working on cases involving students. He also acts as a liaison and a great resource for the school staff. You may see an Officer at various school or youth related events interacting with the student population in our community.

Vacation House Check

As a Mason City resident, you may request your home be added to a vacation house checklist while you’re away or on vacation. This makes us aware of the house being vacant and provides us with important information should a problem arise. Officers are given a list of homes to watch in their areas and when time permits they will do a perimeter check, a physical and/or visual check of all doors and windows, a verification of vehicles left on the property, and a verification of any people found on the property.

To request to have your address placed on the Vacation House Check list, please call 641.421.3636 and dial “0” to speak to the dispatchers. Please remember that police will try to check your house when they can but the frequency of these checks will be limited by staffing levels, calls for service and other commitments.  
                                                                   Ride of Silence
NIACC Bowling                                                                                                         Seniors and Law Enforcement Together
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