Patrol Division

Officers Search for Bank Robbery Suspect


Officers search for a bank robbery suspect (Photo courtesy of The Globe Gazette)


The Patrol Division works within the city limits of Mason City and at the Mason City Municipal Airport. The city is divided into patrol beats, with one officer generally assigned to each beat. Patrol officers respond to calls for service within their beat, or to other beats, if other officers are busy or need assistance. Calls for service are varied and do not always involve law violations. Police are often called to  property, custody, family, and neighbor disputes; unruly children; allegations of child neglect; medical and fire emergencies; animal complaints; and overall safety concerns. Police also will perform unannounced bar checks, traffic enforcement, random park and walks, vacation house and business checks, pawn shop checks, alcohol and tobacco compliance checks. Patrol officers follow up on most of the criminal complaints they discover or respond to. More complicated cases are usually forwarded to Investigations.


Police Crime Scene Tape

Officers receive basic crime scene training during the police academy. Officers typically process most crime scenes they respond to for evidence. Some officers receive additional crime scene training and will process the more complex crime scenes. Officers may elect to receive additional training to compliment the Operational Bureau such as: technical accident investigation, drug recognition expert, standard field sobriety test instructor, firearms instructor, radar / LIDAR instructor, field training officer, drug interdiction, police motorcycle operator, police bicycle operator, Special Operations Group (S.O.G.), defensive tactics instructor, Taser instructor, K-9, emergency vehicle operations instructor, domestic abuse response, critical incident negotiator, taxi cab inspection, child safety seat inspection, and junked / abandoned vehicle processing.

On-duty patrol officers assigned to a patrol beat carry automated external defibrillator units (AEDs). Patrol officers are certified to use CPR and AEDs. Officers also receive first responder (basic EMS) training at the academy. Patrol officers may deliver basic first aid services until advanced life support services arrive.

All officers are assigned to a shift. Officers remain on the same shift unless a shift opening occurs or the officer works a temporary assignment in a different position or another shift.


The shifts and their supervisors are as follows:

1st shift  - 6:45 am to 3:00 pm. Supervisors are Lt. Logan Wernet, Lt. Ron Vande Weerd                                                  

2nd shift - 2:45 pm to 11:00 pm. Supervisors are Lt. Tiffany Creekmur, Lt.Jeremy Ryal

3rd shift - 10:45 pm to 7:00 am. Supervisors are Lt. Mike Lillquist, Lt. Brett Hollander. 


The shift commander on-duty's desk phone can be reached at 641-421-3644.


Police Motorcycle