Comprehensive Plan and Willow Creek Master Plan


2006 Comprehensive Plan

    Table of Contents & Foreword

    Chapter 1:  A Profile of Mason City

    Chapter 2:  Community Input

    Chapter 3:  Community Growth and Land Use

    Chapter 4:  Parks and Recreation

    Chapter 5:  Transportation Issues and Changes

    Chapter 6:  Community Development

    Chapter 7:  Public Facilities

    Chapter 8:  Economic Development

    Chapter 9:  Community Character

    Chapter 10: Implementation


Appendix A:  South Federal Avenue Corridor Study


Appendix B: 2007 Downtown Plan

    Acknowledgments& Table of Contents

    Chapter 1: An Introduction to the Downtown Plan

    Chapter 2: Existing Conditions

    Chapter 3: Downtown Survey

    Chapter 4: Market Analysis

    Chapter 5: Downtown Plan Recommendations

    Chapter 6: Capital Budgeting Recommendations



    Chapter 3 Maps 

    Chapter 4 Maps

    Chapter 5 Maps

    Chapter 8 Maps

    Chapter 9 Maps

    Map A.1 South Federal Avenue Corridor Study

    Map A.2 South Federal Avenue Corridor Study