Property Owner Responsibility

The Mason City City Code (Title 5, Chapter 3) states that all property owners having trees and shrubbery abutting or overhanging any public property, street parking, public alleys, public sidewalks and other public property:

*shall keep all trees pruned so that the lower branches are not less than eight feet in height above public sidewalks, sixteen feet above the traveled portion of all public streets, public alleys and primary highways;

*shall remove all dead, damaged and broken limbs and trees; all limbs and trees which are or may become dangerous to travel upon the public way and all limbs and trees that obstruct the natural flow of any meandering public streams within the City limits;

*shall maintain all trees, shrubbery, hedges, bushes, vines or plants in such a manner so as not to interfere with the vision of drivers of vehicles approaching any intersection, street or alley; and

*shall keep all trees trimmed so as not to unduly obstruct street lights or traffic signs and traffic signals.

No person shall plant, move, trim or remove any tree in any street parking, boulevard, park or public place in the City without first obtaining a written permit from the City Forester. Property owners that intend to hire a professional tree contractor shall ensure the contractor has a license to perform this service in the community. The license is issued by the City Clerk’s office. Contact the Clerk at (641) 421-3600 for a list of licensed tree contractors.

Questions? Contact the City’s Street Division Supervisor at (641) 420-1999.