Online Elmwood-St. Joseph Cemetery Search

Family members can now find where their relatives are located within the cemetery grounds by going to a web based program obtained by the City’s GIS department. Click here and enter the first and last name of the person you want to find. The program searches the Cemetery Management System and locates the person on a Google map.  If you have this link on your smartphone, you can use it when you’re in the cemetery grounds.  The program will also show you where you are in relation to the person you want to find.

The program will allow genealogy searches by typing in a last name only, the program will show all the people with that name.  Even part of a name can be entered if you’re not sure of the spelling and the program will identify every name with that chain of letters.

As cemetery staff and volunteers continue to quality check the large amount of information dating back to the 1860s, we ask the public for their patience in obtaining accurate data.  If family members see missing or inaccurate information, please email corrections to